The 71st Annual Meeting of Japanese Association for Dental Research


【Notification of On-site registration】

* Only Japanese cash is available.

* Online credit card payment is also available on site.

Registration Fee

Attendee Type Early Registration
(By November 7)
On-site Registration
(After November 8)
IADR Member
IADR Member (Regular / Affiliate Member) JPY8,000 JPY9,000
IADR Member (Graduate Student) JPY5,000 JPY6,000
IADR Member (Undergraduate) JPY1,000 JPY2,000
IADR Non-Member
IADR Non-Member (Regular) JPY9,000 JPY10,000
IADR Non-Member (Graduate Student) JPY6,000 JPY7,000
IADR Non-Member (Undergraduate) JPY2,000 JPY3,000
Reception Fee
All the participants JPY8,000 JPY8,000
Please make a registration as an IADR Non-Member if you are not an IADR Member.
Please complete a registration if you visit the venue for the meeting even you are NOT a presenter.
It is not necessary for co-authors, who do not visit the venue for the meeting, to make a registration.
Please note that the registration after October 1, 2021 is On-site Registration.
Date & Time: Novemver 25 (Sat), 2023 18:15~
Place: Seiryo Hall Restaurant(1st Floor)

On-site Registration Process

STEP1: Please click the button below to the registration form.
Then, click the "English" button at the top right of the screen to switch to English.
STEP2: Then, please fill out the form and proceed to the payment screen.

Online Registration

The following credit cards are available.

credit cards

General Information for Participants

Thank you for your attendance and participation at our meeting. Following are some important points and information for you to be aware of.

1. On-site registration will be handled at the registration desk in the Entrance Hall on the 1st floor of Seiryo Hall (Building number: B10   from 8:15 on November 25 (Sat.).

2. You are requested to report to the registration desk to make sure that your registration has been correctly confirmed. All student members (graduate/undergraduate) are requested to present a certification form. We ask that you please place your name tag on your jacket during the meeting and at the Member's Reception.

3. The Member's Reception will be held at Seiryo Hall Restaurant (1st floor) from 18:15 on November 25 (Sat.). The Member's Reception Fee (JPY 8,000) is not included in the registration fee. Please pay that fee at the registration desk if you have not paid in advance and you would like to take part in the Reception.

4. You will be able to leave your personal items, except for valuables and personal computers, in the cloakroom from 8:00 to 20:10 on November 25 (Sat.) and 8:30 to 17:00 on November 26 (Sun.).

5. The administrative office will be open from 8:15 to 17:00 on both November 25 (Sat.) and 26 (Sun.) on the 2rd floor of Seiryo Hall.
6. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of Tohoku University.

Inquiry for Registration

Secretariat of Japanese Association for Dental Research
2-348-302, Ryogae-machi Fushimi-ku Kyoto, 612-8082 Japan
TEL: +81-75-471-8772  
FAX: +81-75-471-8773
E-MAIL: jadr71[A]ac-square[D]co[D]jp( Please chainge [A] to @ [D] to . )

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